Network Consulting

Willing Minds provides consulting for network projects, offering a full range of services for industry-standard equipment. Our engineers are fully versed in scalable network design methodologies, TCP/IP application protocols and routing protocols.

Some of our more popular network consulting services include:

Network Design and Implementation
Complete design of high-performance scalable LAN and WAN solutions tailored to your application and budget requirements.
Network Security Assessment
Vulnerability testing of your network services from inside and outside your network including formal assessment report. Analysis of network device configurations with identification of vulnerabilities due to outdated firmware or misconfigured security settings.
Network Performance Monitoring
Installation and configuration of network management software to identify network performance problems, including misuse, port errors and utilization bottlenecks.
Wireless Networking
Willing Minds can design and implement a complete, secure 802.11b or 802.11a LAN solution for your company using enterprise-quality equipment and authentication services.