Mind's Eye™

The Problem

What is the impact to your business if your critical information systems break? Do you even know when your systems are broken or about to break?  Do you want the first report of problems to come from your users or from your IT staff? Most organizations tend to setup their servers and other infrastructure equipment and trust that they will keep working.  When (not if) they do break, they scramble to find out why, often enduring countless hours or days of downtime because they lack the fundamental knowledge about the health of their systems and applications.

Failing to detect problems early can lead to downtime, which means lost profits or worse, lost customers.

Commonly available commercial solutions can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars to purchase and to configure, leaving most businesses out in the cold. Furthermore, most commercial monitoring tools quickly turn into "shelfware" (installed but unused).

At Willing Minds, we have solved this problem for may happy customers, and it is called Mind's Eye!

What Is Mind's Eye?

Mind's Eye is a managed IT infrastructure monitoring solution designed by highly trained and experienced system and network administrators.  Simply put, Mind's Eye provides the necessary tools to monitor every aspect of your IT environment. Rather than requiring you to purchase software and to obtain and maintain training, Willing Minds deploys a dedicated monitoring appliance within your environment, configures, and maintains a complete monitoring solution for your servers and network equipment. 

Most importantly, our 24x7 operations team will analyze and handle alerts to provide you with the highest level of system and application availability possible to make your business successful. 

Our expert team will work directly with you to tailor your Mind's Eye configuration for your environment and will continue to customize Mind's Eye as you deploy new systems and applications.

Best of all, Mind's Eye is inexpensive, generally only a small fraction of the cost of a fulltime employee.  By detecting and resolving even a single incident that would otherwise halt productivity, Mind's Eye can easily pay for itself.


Mind's Eye is built from solid, well-known industry recognized open source components, including Nagios™, NMIS, NeDi, NfSen and SEC. Willing Minds has integrated these components into a solution designed for management and monitoring of enterprise networks. Some examples of Mind's Eye features "out of the box" include:

Integrated Knowledge Base

The Mind's Eye notification system includes a knowledge base that provides detailed information about what an event means, what should be done, and additional information collected about events at the time they occur (callbacks).  Information presented is 100% customizable and serves to streamline event response time.


Part of the Team

When Mind's Eye is in place, Willing Minds does not simply sit back and wait for events to occur and react.  We are part of your IT team, offering suggestions, asking questions, and providing backup support services for you.  This can be an intangible but very real benefit to your organization in the face of staff disruptions due to illness, training, turnover, etc.  Being able to rely on Willing Minds as part of your team to maintain and improve your IT infrastructure is one of our greatest goals for all our clients.

24x7 Monitoring and Emergency Response

With Mind's Eye, Willing Minds provides 24x7 support via seasoned IT professionals, which means that if a serious event occurs, we will confirm the problem and engage immediately, either by contacting your team, or by jumping in directly to fix the problem.  If the problem requires an on-site visit, someone will be there to help -- it is all part of the package.


Mind's Eye includes reporting features that delivery daily and weekly overview reports on open issues.  Monthly reports delve deeper into trends, including graphs and incident details.

Additionally, Mind's Eye has support for daily reports on a variety of common software applications, such as BackupExec job status and trends. 

Finally, if your environment needs additional reporting, Willing Minds can work with your team to create those reports.  We have many examples of custom reporting we have developed and deployed fro our clients, including PRI channel usage monitoring reports, aggregate reports designed to provide a snapshot overview of application and server performance, etc.


Network Monitoring Features

  • Latency Monitoring and Trend Analysis
  • Link Utilization Alarms and Escalation
  • Monitoring of Link Errors and Discards
  • Bandwidth Usage Reporting
  • Interface Status Monitoring, including DSU error monitoring and reporting to proactively find and fix failing circuits
  • NetFlow/sFlow Analysis, Reporting and Custom Alerting (easily identify bandwidth hogs on your network!)
  • Log Analysis and Alerting
  • Configuration Change Detection and Alerting
  • External Monitoring of Public Servers (mail servers, web servers, etc.)

Server and Application Monitoring Features

  • Server Agent Monitoring (power, temperature, storage, etc.)
  • Resource Monitoring and Trending (CPU, Disk, Memory, etc.)
  • Latency Monitoring and Trend Analysis
  • System File Change Detection and Alerting
  • Log Analysis and Alerting
  • Mail Server Monitoring (Operation, Queues, Mailbox Size, etc.)
  • DNS Monitoring (RBL checks, authoritative DNS testing, forward/reverse DNS agreement checks, etc.)
  • Web Server Availability and Content Checks (and, complex transaction and process checks where needed)
  • SSL Certificate Validity and Expiration Monitoring

Custom Monitoring

If you don't see a feature you need in the list above, don't worry -- we either already have it, or we can create a solution to meet your needs.