About Willing Minds

History and Mission

Willing Minds was founded in 2001 by Mark Nagel, Richard Johnson, and Ralph Ramirez. All three founders have a deep background in designing, implementing and managing complex IT infrastructures for mission-critical environments.

The mission of Willing Minds is to provide value by designing and implementing high-quality IT solutions aligned with our customers' business requirements. Our staff is highly skilled and experienced in a wide variety of technologies demanded by our customers today and we train constantly to expand our expertise to meet their needs tomorrow.

Why "Willing Minds"?

Our company name was carefully selected to represent our collective commitment to service excellence. The phrase "willing minds" has multiple meanings (see Roget's Thesaurus for a full listing); those we attach to it include:

  • cordiality
  • goodwill
  • alacrity
  • readiness
  • earnestness
  • eagerness

At Willing Minds, we strive always to provide service in keeping with all of the above attributes.