UNIX Consulting

Willing Minds provides UNIX consulting services using only highly qualified experts to implement standard and customized system administration projects. Some of our more popular UNIX consulting services include:

System Initial Setup
Capacity planning, setup and integration of UNIX servers.
System Upgrade and Patch Installation
Reliable upgrades for your production or development UNIX servers. Installation and testing of UNIX operating system and application patches.
System Recovery
Repair or rebuild production servers following catastrophic failure.
Backup Configuration
Installation, testing, and complete site-specific documentation of backup software, including Veritas NetBackup, Legato Networker, and Amanda.
Custom Scripting
Development of custom scripts to solve problems and automate processes in your environment.
Security Assessment
Security accessment of your UNIX systems, including patch updates, installation and configuration of secure remote access technology, and configuration of secure central authentication mechanisms.
Basic UNIX Server Checkup
For a flat fee (based on server size), Willing Minds will perform a thorough checkup of one UNIX system. The checkup includes a complete security assessment, performance analysis and tuning, and configuration of essential automated system monitoring mechanisms