Security Consulting

Willing Minds provides comprehensive security consulting services designed to minimize the risk of data exposure or corruption. This is accomplished by identifying critical resources and applying a "security in depth" methodology toward their protection.

Security Policy Development
Willing Minds will work with your organization to develop a security policy targeted to your specific requirements. Our staff will identify and select the appropriate security applications to protect your information assets from theft or alteration.
Vulnerability Assessment
Willing Minds will identify vulnerabilities in your computing infrastructure from both an external and internal point of view. This includes a thorough evaluation of your existing security policy and practices. When the assessment is complete, you will receive a detailed plan describing how to achieve your stated security requirements.
Firewall Design and Installation
Willing Minds will specify and install a firewall on your network matched to your company network security needs.
Virtual Private Networks
Willing Minds will design a VPN solution customized to your company's needs, configure the hardware for each site and either install or assist your staff with remote installation.